Matthew David Chavez is an LA-based Cinematographer who specializes in Commercial, Documentary, Fashion, and Narrative productions.

Originally hailing from Phoenix, AZ, Matthew graduated from USC's famed School of the Cinematic Arts in 2007.

When not working, Matthew enjoys any and all things related to music, film, photography, and fine art; drawing from a vast array of influences ranging from the cinematography of Conrad Hall and the literature of Haruki Murakami, to the photography of Gregory Crewdson and the music of Miles Davis.

Matthew's approach to cinematography is using every tool at his disposal to find the best method of realizing the Director's vision. Whether it's injecting a sense of realism through handheld operation and naturalistic lighting, or crafting an elevated sense of style through careful compositions and an impressionistic use of color, Matthew believes every project deserves its own unique approach in order to best serve the story and director's viewpoint.

Clients Include: Netflix, Nike, Ramble West, Interscope, HBO, Lucky Brand Jeans, Vice, BCBG, Jane Smith Agency, Yahoo, Conde Nast